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Nowadays all companies and professionals base their entire business trusting on electronic
data storage media reliability

This great confidence and very high work rates bring people to make no backup of vital data;
but what can we do when a hard drive or other storage device, "betrays" us or an external event causes
the inability to access the data?

IRS (International Recovery Service) follows all the stages of recovery, from diagnosis to data extraction and
delivery of the new media, using internal procedures designed and
certified to provide a quick and professional service.

What are the most common causes of data loss and their solutions?
Normally there are three main categories of failure of support:

- electronic damage or PCB (Printed Circuit Board) defects

- Mechanical damage or defect

- Magnetic surface damage or defect (hard disk tapes ...) or optical storage surface (CD and DVD ...)

These causes may be due to manufacturing defects, failure or external causes.
The defect electronic hard disk, for example,
A typical PCB defect is the “blown” spindle controller, can be generated by a mechanical defect affecting the spindle motor that causing an abnormal current consumption cause the collapse of the electronics.

One or more heads may "land" incorrectly on the plates of a hard disk causing what is called “headcrash”.

An accurate diagnosis of the media is essential to succeed in data recovery,
professional tools and equipments are required to reach data extraction phase.
Data recovery aim is not repair or refurbish a drive, but extract the content through a temporary
or partial recstoration of drive's functionality ,in a clean and controlled environment.

In some cases data recovery procedure can lead to disassembly or removal of some device's parts
damaging physical integrity of the product delivered by the customer.
All the activities involving the opening of media sensitive to electrostatic discharges or the presence
of dust are carried out in laboratories statically controlled and equipped with class 100
environments through Flow Laminar Clean Benches very similar to those used in medicine.


Laminar flow hoods guarantee the absence of dust in the working environment by protecting
media worked as follows:

The air from outside goes into pre-filtering through the action of centrifugal high efficiency fan
with automatic speed control, then crossing a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) which
prevents particle contamination.
HEPA filters are composed of sheets of glass microfibers folded several times to increase the filter surface;
Efficiency is the ability to retain particles 0.3 microm in diameter and must be between 99.97% and 99.99%.
In this way the threads formed by unidirectional flow of sterile air filtered through HEPA filters,
are parallel to each other and all having the same speed, usually 0.5 m / sec .

Our service takes place in three phases:

The first phase, the most important, which requires more resources and know-how, is the diagnosis.
The diagnosis phase ends with the determination of the type of problem
(Lack of access to the device, accidental deletion, viruses, weakening of the surfaces ...)
The second step depends on the diagnosis results and ends with the creation of the physical
copy of the bad drive and then to data extraction using the clone.


A list of recoverable files will be sent to the customer as part of the cost estimate.

All extracted datas will be be sent to the customer on media like CD or DVD or external hard drives.

All data are treated as required by privacy rules and processing of sensitive datas.

All services provided by I.R.S. are regulated by procedures designed to maintain high quality
standards and to pass a rigid quality control procedure.

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